Blunomy: not your average sustainability consulting

Combining world-class business leaders who have successfully implemented transformations and a team of strategists and experts who have spent 15 years developing their knowledge, Blunomy is an action-oriented company which works closely with its clients for the ultimate impact. We join the dots between business and finance to develop the strategies, tools, partnerships and transactions which facilitate the systemic shift our planet needs.

We’re transition experts

We connect the scientific, industrial and financial sectors to ensure a shared understanding of transition scenarios and roadmaps at every level: from individuals to industries, from value chains to physical assets. We identify the most important drivers and solutions and produce actionable roadmaps.

We develop impact frameworks and measurement tools

Drawing on our profound understanding of impact and transition roadmaps, we create new ways to measure performance which go beyond standard reporting and regulation-driven frameworks. These tools factor in transition speed and enable transition leaders to quantify what they do and prove its value.

We help to bridge the funding gap

We quantify brown-to-green financing needs and we connect solution developers in need of financing with financial institutions. We draw attention to high-value and high-impact solutions, using Blunomy’s tools to analyse the risks, value creation and scale-up potential of these impactful (but often fragmented) business models.

We work with large organisations on the fundamental transformation of their model

In addition to optimising their current business model, we provide support for a thorough overhaul and significant diversification, including financing, data modelling and impact roadmaps. We’re particularly active in critical sectors (including the energy, hard-to-abate, agri-food and financial industries) which need to reinvent themselves by making a rapid shift from brown to green. Our experience of what’s genuinely feasible in these sectors gives us a competitive edge when it comes to facilitating other industries’ shift from brown to green.

We back virtuous business models and emerging leaders

We help organisations better understand the impact they can have, structure their strategy, business model, financing and capabilities and speed up their search for clients, partners and financing. We’re particularly focused on decentralised and flexible energy solutions, low-carbon and circular technologies and business models, nature-based solutions and enterprises which work to provide energy access and basic infrastructure in emerging economies.

We connect players and overcome silos

We leverage our unique position within the market to make connections: across supply chains, between solution developers and offtakers and between companies, financial institutions and like-minded investors.

Our purpose

At Blunomy, we know shifting capital and resources to create a positive economy is vital. And that’s exactly why we’re here: to make this a reality.

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Our tools

We leverage the expertise built with our clients and partners to develop scalable tools to operationalise the transition and facilitate the shift to a positive economy.

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