Driving the shift to a positive economy

At Blunomy, we know shifting capital and resources to create a positive economy is vital. And that’s exactly why we’re here: to make this a reality.

We want to bring about a positive economy

Everyone agrees that the economy of the future must be positive and that decarbonisation, circularity and inclusion will be the driving forces behind the game-changing transition to a brighter future. We’re here to make that happen with a widespread and fundamental brown-to-green shift of capital and resources.

We see three systemic barriers

Awareness is growing, multiple solutions and technologies are ready for use while others are maturing and financing is available. Yet so much remains to be done when it comes to the transition. Why? We've identified three major barriers:


Silos across disciplines, organisations and supply chains and between companies and investors are hindering the transition.


The tools needed to measure success properly don’t exist: new ways to prove and monetise impact need to be developed to reward transition leaders.

Capital allocation

Investments aren’t being made in the right projects: early movers should be recognised and the shift from brown-to-green needs to be financed.

We focus on transition sticking points

There’s no denying that the transition is complex. It’s taking too long because various critical issues continue to be unresolved, despite all the efforts to tackle climate change. At Blunomy, we’re not afraid but we are impatient: if there’s to be positive change, these sticking points must be addressed urgently and that’s exactly what we’re here to do. We want to:

Treble the go-to-market rate for technologies and business models which contribute to a positive economy in the long term.
Instigate the low-carbon and resilient transformation of critical infrastructure to support the transition.
Switch from linear and global supply chains to multiple, circular, local, ethical and bio-sourced models, while ensuring social cohesion.
Optimise land use to respond to growing competition for food and housing, recreate biodiversity, produce bioenergy and capture carbon.
Ensure this period of increased attention on the environment creates a reduction in inequalities, with a particular focus on the development of essential infrastructure around the world.

We’re problem-solvers

We’re aware of the challenges which businesses and institutions face but we know that these obstacles can be surmounted: after all, at Blunomy, we believe the best is yet to come we’re here to make it happen! We work to:

  • Leverage scientific knowledge and industrial and financial expertise to develop a common understanding of the transition, its pathways and available options.
  • Provide advice on (and, when relevant, devise) corporate and financial solutions to facilitate a large-scale brown-to-green transition of human and financial resources.
  • Develop partnerships to overcome silos, connect the dots and align interests in the long term.
  • Create new ways to measure success and impact and draw on these standards to ensure alignment and encourage go-getters.
  • Make the most of data and digital technology to facilitate the transition.

Our approach

Blunomy brings together the pioneering spirit of a consulting firm specialising in sustainability and transition challenges and the expertise of former CEOs and high-level executives of leading companies.

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Our tools

We leverage the expertise built with our clients and partners to develop scalable tools to operationalise the transition and facilitate the shift to a positive economy.

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