Our cutting-edge sustainability and transition solutions

Leveraging our expertise built along with our clients and partners, we develop scalable tools to operationalise the transition and facilitate the shift to the positive economy.

We offer three types of tools:

  • Solutions offering new ways to prove and monetise impact, that companies and financial institutions use to analyse the nature and speed of transition of their portfolio at the most granular level.
  • Data-driven tools enabling leading players to overcome transition sticking points in their sector and supply chain, and to operationalise their transition.
  • Content platforms to share (transition) knowledge at scale.

Our core tools


Vision is a modern data-driven platform, leveraging AI to support utilities in forecasting and planning for the decarbonised and decentralised grid of the future
in partnership with Meridiam

Simpl (Sustainability Impact Measurement Platform)

To accelerate the transition of long-term infrastructure portfolio investments of asset managers towards sustainability and identify new, impact-driven opportunities, Meridiam and Blunomy co-developed an innovative impact assessment tool, known as Simpl.
In partnership with axa climate

The Net Zero School

Blunomy worked with AXA Climate to create a turnkey and modular e-learning platform on decarbonisation, the Net Zero School. It is designed for companies and financial institutions which want to educate their employees to navigate the net-zero transition risks and opportunities within their business boundaries.

The Transition Score

Blunomy developed the Transition Score: using an innovative and transparent methodology, it evaluates the transition made by corporate actors to facilitate dialogue between financial institutions and corporates, focusing on the most material carbon issues and levers and making it possible to allocate capital to the most committed economic players.