In partnership with axa climate

The Net Zero School

Blunomy worked with AXA Climate to create a turnkey and modular e-learning platform on decarbonisation, the Net Zero School. It is designed for companies and financial institutions which want to educate their employees to navigate the net-zero transition risks and opportunities within their business boundaries.

The sticking point

Many sectors urgently need to decarbonise their activities to meet the objectives of the Paris Climate Accords. Companies need to understand the issues, educate their employees and identify the different drivers of the low-carbon transition, whether for their own needs or for those of their clients. To do so, vast amounts of available information must be consolidated to produce content which is both intelligible and easily accessible.

Our solutions

The Net Zero School explains the challenges of decarbonisation in various sectors and the different measures which can be taken. It also provides tangible examples of transition strategies for building resilient and sustainable business models. The platform presents the specific drivers of some of the sectors which emit the most CO₂, including oil & gas, electricity, agri-food, road transport, real estate and mining & metals.

Key benefits

The Net Zero School’s modular e-learning platform provides accessible educational content (videos, interactive slides, quizzes) for widespread use, and its large-scale adoption can be monitored by companies’ HR teams. The platform is designed to be integrated into an organisation’s e-learning environments and could be further enhanced with add-ons: discussion sessions with experts or even workshops to discuss and analyse the business implications of an organisation’s decarbonisation. Finally, it provides the same level of information for each sector and includes transparently sourced and quantified examples and facts, thereby making it possible to draw comparisons and deconstruct preconceived ideas.